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Internet advancement activities error

Trying to upload a hike we went on. a system error tag keeps coming up. Any ideas?

FYI I have never had this issue before and nothing has changed on my end.
Just started today.

What is the error you are receiving?

When I click on activities, It literally says service error
Has a red exclamation point and says Error : System Error

I have logged in and out a couple fo times and tried refreshing the page to no avail.

Thank you. I’ve reported this to the developers.

I tried to enter in a campout and separately an Eagle Scout Project Work day for volunteer hours; and for both i get ERROR
Conflict - No new activity person detail has been created for the given activity id, valueTypeId and userID. The activityID already has the activity person details - activityid: 6435655

I dont know what that is and I dont see anywhere with more information.

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