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Internet advancement activities

I’m the troop committee chair. I have found multiple entries for a single activity. Cannot access the entries to find out who made the entries and who the scout is that the activity was listed for.

Are you looking under the History tab? It sounds like those activities were entered prior to the migration to Internet Advancement 2.0.

Those older entries didn’t really have a way to audit who entered them, and they were tracked as individual activities – not unit activities.

It would be useful to be able to see who the scouts participating are, and more details about the event. Can we make those events “hot” links so that leaders can review what they are?

If Scouts are not associated with the activity, then it sounds like service projects that got imported over from the BSA’s old service hours website. It only tracked hours in various categories – it did not associate hours with particular Scouts.

Thanks for your response. The problem is that I have no access to items that have been input by parents or other leaders. So unfortunately I can’t compile the events and make it tidy. It just looks like a mess. Sometimes as many as 6 different inputs for the same event.
Any suggestions?
happy to go online with you to figure out a better way if I am missing something.

Any help you can give is great.

When would that have been?

That would be great! That’s exactly what I was hoping for. I’d like to be able to have my top 5 be able to see who input it, who the scouts listed are and make it one event with several entries if at all possible.
Would be far more streamlined and manageable.
Don’t know who to talk to to make it happen though.

Been told it might be from before the change over, so maybe it can happen now but I am not going about it correctly?

It’s actually campouts that are the issue. I have 4 listings for Emerald Bay last year.
I did just notice that the ones that I input after May 15 actually have an editing option. Is that because I input them or because if you add them in after the change over there is an editing option?

HI Jennifer,
Just saw what you are talking about. I definitely have access to those events added in after May 9. Wasn’t sure if it was because I added them or because of the ability after the changeover.

Ok… Now I have added an event. Each time the word “success” comes up and that my event has been added, but for some reason I don’t see the event. I’ve retried to enter the event three times. Each time the aforementioned item occurs, but the event does not show up and the next step of adding scouts doesn’t show either. Help?

Try checking the filter to see if all options are turned on.

If the activity has already occurred, I find it easier to start on the Roster screen:

  1. Select the Scout(s) or adults (check the filter).
  2. Record Progress.
  3. Then Service Hours / Campouts / Hike.

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