Internet Advancement Calendar Not Updating Attendance

I was unable to update attendance in Internet Advancement for an event using EDGE. Advancement Internet Advancement

After many unsuccessful tries, I opened up the Internet Advancement Calendar event in Chrome and it appears EDGE is missing a “Save Event” button on the top end of EDGE Microsoft Edge Version 122.0.2365.80 (Official build) (64-bit):



The Chrome browser allowed me to change the attendance status and record it with the “Save Event” button that is missing in Edge.

Recommendation USE CHROME for Internet Advancement. Calander entry and edit.

@JaphetWoolston those are different pages - the Edge one is the Event Page not the Edit page - the second image is the Edit page

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Yes I see that now. After taking attendance in both. I can’t get the attendance to stick in either browser.

Edit Event page


Back to Event Details Page

Event Details | Scoutbook Plus Internet Advancement (

OK I see now - I know it is being worked on

Thank you for your response and correcting my confusion. I will take attendance in Scoutbook’s calendar in the meantime.

Looks like it is caching attendance - what I put in as test yesterday is there today - but it is being worked on

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I experienced the same problem that attendance changes did not save. We had a Troop Guide take attendance in the Scouting app on his phone and it appeared to work - no errors - but when I went in to edit the event to create a camping nights activity log, no attendance data existed. I tried several times using different methods (sorry, I didn’t write it down - still learning/experimenting) and finally I was able to get the attendance data to save.

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