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Internet Advancement Error when adding people to activities

I’ve searched previous posts, but I don’t see this same problem, or I’m not searching correctly.

I’m SM for a boys troop. Scoutbook access is fine, in Internet Advancement, I can add activities just fine, but when I go to add people to it, I get an error. It just says “Error: An Error occurred while processing the request” It happens with multiple activities. I’ve tried campouts and service projects. I’ve tried adding a bunch of people or just one at a time. I’ve tried just adding me. I get the same error every time when I add people. The activities stay on the calendar, but no people get assigned.

Anyone have any ideas ?

Same issue here. Following for any feedback.

This may be your workaround until this us fixed


I was getting that same error message too, as well as having other issues. What fixed it for me was making sure that there was a date entry in the “date joined scouts bsa” field in the scout’s scoutbook profile. I was also told that way to check which scouts are missing this is to run a “oa eligibility report” and it will show who is missing this field. Hope this helps!

Same frustrating issue here too

Tried that. It wouldn’t let me select the Type of Activity.

@BARBARABARFIELD - I just tried the workaround myself and here are the steps:

  1. In IA unit roster, check off the scouts and adults (make sure on the Show dropdown to also check adults)
  2. once all are selected click on Record Progress and select the item (it will show advancement, service hours campout and hike)
  3. New window opens showing the selected people and the calendar. Select the appropriate start date then click on create new activity.
  4. fill in the details in the details window.then click the green record button at the bottom of that window

I’ve had this issue occur twice in the last month. Both times I simply deleted the activity and started again from scratch. Each time when I did this I was able to then add individuals to the event. I have no idea why the error occurred, but this workaround solved it…for now at least.

I have only been able to add when creating the event or service project. if the event was already created then i have been getting the same error message.

I have been dealing with this issue for the last month with no luck getting our Troop activities entered.

@TaraKeierleber - you should use the method I outline a few posts up from yours.

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I get the same issue but to make it even more fun.
I was able to add four activities just fine. In one of them I could add people to the event. In the other three I get the “Error An error occurred while processing the request” message.
I even waited a day to see if it was something with the server. Same message.
I then tried to create another activity and get the same error when I try to add people.

@MichaelLunn - have you tried the method that I noted

yes, this did work thank you.