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Internet advancement/scout book

I do not understand understand the new way to log in advancement. I am the scout master and cannot add newly completed service hours or anything to my scouts profiles. Each time I click on scout book, the screen goes blank and nothing happens. I am not a fan of the web page think this online advancement should be made more user friendly.

Lorena Caler
Scout Master
139G KAC

This may help:

I AM a key 3 as delegated by my position. So why am I not able to access?

When you log in at my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools), are you able to access your troop’s Organization Security Manager there?

@LorenaCaler - what is your role or position

I am scout master for girls troop 139G

I am having some of the same issues with the interface between scoutbook and my.scouting.org–I entered a number of old camping dates today, but now can’t run a report. When I try it tells me to log in, even though I am logged in to both scoutbook and scouting.org. I am our troops advancement chair.

No. I get my training list. Eventually the troop stuff will appear and scout book is a blck blank page

@LorenaCaler Could you log in at my.scouting.org, click on the Menu button (upper left), then click on My Profile. What do you see under “Active Positions”?

Pack 139 committee chair of which I do not hold that position anymore and Troop 139G scout master