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Into the Wild Adventure Pin (Webelos/AOL Elective)

Any one know what is going on with the Into the Wild Adventure Pin. I have been told they were recalled. I have noticed they are no longer listed on scoutshop.org. I have also noticed that there are now two separate listings for “Cub scouts webelos elective adventure pins, https://www.scoutshop.org/cub-scoutsr-webelos-elective-adventure-pins.html” and “Cub scouts arrow of light elective adventure pins, https://www.scoutshop.org/cub-scoutsr-arrow-of-light-elective-adventure-pins.html” One with 9 of the elective pins the other with 8 of the elective pins. Guess which pin is missing other than the two provisional adventure pins. (This suggests they may be getting ready to officially separate the electives for Webelos and AOL?) There are also seperate listings for core adventure pins, but that makes sense.

Given the Outdoor Activity Award Work Track Pin is also MIA, should I be concerned we will no longer be able to get this pin as well?

or it is a manufacturing defect - that has happened before - time will tell

Most online stores don’t remove products from the listing when they are “out-of-stock”. They just replace the add to cart button with an add to wish list button. Both options afford a given assumption, whether it’s correct or not. To add to the confusion, scoutshop.org allows you to add “restricted” items to your online wish list, but not “out-of-stock” items. They are just MIA. I would have less questions, if they would make this one small change.

Here is an example of an “out-of-stock” item. https://www.scoutshop.org/cub-scout-webelos-and-arrow-of-light-elective-preview-adventure-pin-yo-yo-652199.html

At the risk of asking an obvious question, have you tried asking customerservice@scoutshop.org about the missing pin webpage?

I ask at our local scout shop and was told they where testing the paint/metals?

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Not yet. I have a habit of starting with OSINT, before I call. And I have been patiently watching scoutshop.org and google for almost five months. No one else seems to have bothered to comment on this. I even looked on ebay for the pins. I could really use about 3 Wolf Track pins and 2 Into the Wild pins. Just as interested that no one else had noticed the missing Into the Wild pin as I am why its missing.

All my local shop could tell me is that it was recalled. They did not know why or have any other information. Understanding they are looking at a potential materials redesign helps.

The wolf track pins are not coming back. See my post in the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award thread for more on that.

The Webelos pin may be a similar situation (sunset in silence). Just as likely though is that BSA is stuck with a bunch of defective pre-bankruptcy pins for which they can’t get credit to use to purchase new pins post-bankruptcy. If the vendor takes them back they get burned because BSA probably still owes the vendor money for these or other pre-bankruptcy purchases. No pre-bankruptcy debts get settled until all of them are settled and the court has a long and deliberative process for that.

Sorry this doesn’t help you find your pins but if they come back, it may be a very long time.

Don, thank you for that earlier post in in the Outdoor Activity Award thread. I now know to keep my eyes open for the Wolf Track Pins in the secondhand market. Though they seem like a tough find given how rarely they may have been give out. I suspect its likely we will see other items become MIA for a while. It would just be nice for the ScoutShop.org to list them as “out of stock” or “not currently available, will be back soon” vs. MIA. And where appropriate list retired items temporarily as “no longer available”. Things that disappear without a least a minimal explanation, tend to drive conspiracy theories.

I got this response from National Supply:

“Into the Wild pin is on quality hold and we are inspecting the lots we have in stock and working with the supplier for a fix. We still don’t have an available date. Our apologies.”

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As an employee of National Supply, that is all we know. We have 3 items currently on hold in backstock for quality control issues. Due to COVID testing facilities may have been closed and have not gotten to them yet.



Thank you for the insight. I believe there would have been less of a concern if National Supply had just listed the items as Out of Stock on the website instead of removing them completely.

I knew they were missing. Just was watching the forum to see if anyone had asked about them. Didn’t want to start a recurring post.

FYI, on the Wolf Track pins, BSA supply has just announced a recall for led content. More information at Bryan on Scouting:

And the Into The Wild Adventure Pin seems to have been re-added to the listings at ScoutShop.com. There are now two less mysteries in the Universe. Thank you all for your insights.

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