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Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops

Is there an option to add Intro to Leadership Skills for Troops and/or NYLT training to individual scouts? It’s a requirement for our youth leadership positions. A report on scouts with this training would be useful to us.

You can add it to the individual scout training record. Go to the scout then training.

Ah! Thanks! Much appreciated.

I would highly recommend talking to your district / council about getting ILST added to their official training records in You can click on the “ScoutNET Unit Training Sync” button on the Trained Leaders Report in Scoutbook. There is also a “ScoutNET Sync” button on each Scout’s Training page. The training sync is really just a one way import from ScoutNET -> Scoutbook.

For reports, go to your Troop Roster page in Scoutbook, click on “Print Roster”, select All or individual patrol(s), under Settings select “Show Scouts” and “Training”.

Certain leaders have access to the Training Manager at They can go to the Training Manager, click on the magnifying glass icon (Search Training), click on the funnel icon (Filter), and set to “Youth Members”. The you can select individual Scout(s) or the green checkmark (Select All), then the document icon (Print Member Training Report). This will show the official training records of Scouts.

Can you add training to youth in I only see how to do that for adults.

Unfortunately, no. You have to go through your council and request that they add youth training.

Just requested it from our council.

To clarify, are we to ask for the ability to add training, or are we supposed to supply a roster of Scouts to the council so that they can add it?

Most councils will not add ILST to a Scout’s training record as it can only be done by council staff and they have enough work to keep them busy.

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@JeremyFuksa if you want the Training added - speak nicely to council and provide them the training and a list of Scouts

Adding on to @DonovanMcNeil’s post:

They also need the date the training was completed. In summary, the council needs:

  1. Course name (ILST).
  2. Names of Scouts.
  3. Date training was completed.
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BSA does have a form for group training to record the who, what, when =

What exactly does the Scoutnet Sync do? I have 2 scouts who have attended NYLT through our council and one has the little Scoutnet symbol under it and the other does not. Is that symbol important and if so, how do I get it on the other scout’s NYLT training listing?

Same with CPR that was taken through council for High Adventure this summer. It let me add it, but when it was synced with Scoutnet sync the little symbol didn’t appear.


@JeanannGoss If you are talking about this with the Red Banner - that means it is IN ScoutNET - if you do not see that under a scouts training (or adults) - you need to contact Council so they can add it to ScoutNET

Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about. I will contact council. It seems the only things in my own training are the ones done online. Very disturbing that things done in person with council aren’t in there.

@JeanannGoss the place to look for all your training is - go there


Click Menu


Click My Dashboard - this should take you to your your page in the My Training Section - Click Completions at the Top and you will see all the Training BSA has for you under the BSA # you are in with

@JeanannGoss, yes, disturbing sometimes, but when you know how the process works, you can help things along…

When you take training at the District or Council level, most often it is another volunteer or group of volunteers doing and recording the training. At the completion of a training event, the Course Director or another Trainer is supposed to either enter your training into or provide the council registrar with the form mentioned above so they may enter your training into the system. This data entry or form submission step does not often happen.

Many trainers simply hand you your completion card and stop there.

Your unit Key 3 has the ability to enter training for you into And, they can delegate this role to a Unit Training Manager to enter it on your behalf. Provide them with a pdf scan of your training certificate, and ask them to enter it. (If you are Key 3, or the Unit Training Manager, you cannot enter training for yourself.)

Hope this helps,

Scouter Rob

Thanks. I am the Committee Chair is this one of the Key 3 so I can’t enter it myself. I will provide my completion certificate to council and see if I can get it entered.

Thanks for your response.

You can show your training card or certificate of completion to one of the other unit Key 3, (or Key 3 Delegate or Unit Training Chair) and they can put it in for you. You just can’t put it in for yourself.

I still don’t see a way to add NYLT completion. Thoughts?