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Invitation Code for Linking to a Scout

I have invited two parents to be linked to their Scout and the email that they received is directing them to enter an invitation code. Where do they get the invitation code?

it is in the same email

Seems like the invitation code is asked for after logging into Scoutbook.

If I recall - you click a link in email - it takes you to a verification page to enter the code

Seems correct. The issue is we don’t have a code. Where does that come from?

Here is the email - you click the red button and the password is clearly right above it.


If they are already connected to one other Scout they get this email and just need to click the Accept the Invitation blue button

So one is attached to another unit which is a troop and he can see all the troop info. The email he received is the first one you shared. How do we get him linked to the Cub Scout pack? We aren’t getting the email that has the invitation link.

@ChristopherNeville if it is the first one - he clicks the Red button at bottom and enter the code - but if already connected to a troop that might be the issue and you just need to resend the invite so he gets the other email

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