Invitation Manager Manual Entry

Version 108.0.5359.124 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I enter +New Lead, enter in information manually. Shows 2 Opened, but when I click on VIEW only one entry is available in the window that appears. I press the “X” button.
The entry appears in the Leads list, so I open it there. I append a note, and notice that the e-mail is wrong. I press the “Go Back” button. The entry no longer appears in the Leads list at the bottom. After 5 minutes, the entry appears when I press the “VIEW” button, but still no longer appears in the Leads list.

But there is no way to change the e-mail or other information when going through the VIEW option in Status Summary. So I close that entry and re-create with notes.

If you encounter bugs at my.Scouting, I would recommend that you ask your local council to submit a help ticket to National on your behalf.

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