Invite when scout already created an account

We created an account for my son (he’s my only BSA child) so he could get into the Scoutbook app and track his merit badge and rank requirements. Then I found out that I was supposed to send an invite under Extended Information. He deleted the account about 42 hours ago, but the Invite still says there is an account under his email address. How much longer do we have to wait until the process allows the invite to work?

We did try logging in as him to make sure, and the credentials we set up no longer work (indicating the account’s not accessible), so I’m not sure what else to do at this point.

Thanks for your time.

@BillyStafford well first I would have no idea how you THOUGHT he deleted the account??? What is the Scouts BSA number and we can take a look

He logged into the Scouting app with the account we created, went to Account Settings and chose “Delete My Account”.

@BillyStafford can you post the BSA ID for your scout as has been requested

@BillyStafford It’s usually not a problem for the Scout to create a my.scouting account.

In this case, however, your son created an account and used his nickname. The BSA’s systems are automated and they did find a match (because different names).

I have removed the e-mail in Scoutbook. You might be able to invite him in Scoutbook now or create a new my.scouting account for him using his legal first name – not a nickname.

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