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Inviting Parents to Scoutbook

I am attempting to move our Troop from Troopmaster to Scoutbook. As a test, I sent invitations to three key adult leaders for their own Scouts. All three have not received the invitation to join.

What am I missing?

Did they check SPAM?

What are the exact steps you followed to send the invitation?

I clicked on the Scout, Parent/Guardian’s name, then send invitation.

I had the three adults check their spam folder. One of the Scouts was my son. I confirmed the email listed with my husband then sent the invitation. He checked his SPAM and he never received it.

Are any of these parents registered leaders? Have any ever logged into Scoutbook before?

My “test” parents ads registered leaders. Do they need a log on with the Scouting app?

No, but registered leaders are already in the system. So, you should be searching for them to add them instead of creating them. Which were you doing?

It sounds like there may be a bug here, but we need to pinpoint it.

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