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IOL Training vs. Woodbadge

I have an adult joining troop leadership, he has many years experience with a few years since he was last active. He previously attended Woodbadge with his old council. Will that satisfy his training requirement or will he still need to go through IOL?

IOLS is a separate training from Woodbadge, so they’re not interchangeable (with regard to position-trained requirements).

My experience, however, is that folks who attend Woodbadge tend to be fully position trained. Was this leader an ASM/SM in the previous council? He should be able to pull his training by going to my.scouting.org and looking it up in the Training Validation tool. If you have his BSA ID from the prior council, you can do the same thing. IOLS should show up there if taken (and properly logged).


Thank you for the response. I will have him check on that tomorrow!

His training may never have been recorded, and your council may request copies of his training certificates. This happened to me within council because I went from ASM to Advisor+ASM (many hats, huzzah) and back to ASM-only. At some point, my IOLS – they called it something else at the time – training record got deleted . All they had was my WB, and that wasn’t enough to recharter with the troop. I took a picture of my mothballed certificate and sent it to my CC – once hardcopy, twice electronically – and eventually my training record was rectified.

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It could also be the leader took Wood Badge while a leader in another program. IOLS is not required for Cub Scout leaders so he could have been fully trained at the time he took Wood Badge.

As others have stated, Wood Badge is not a substitute for IOLS. To be position trained an ASM need IOLS in addition to Scoutmaster traning.


Before 2000 Wood Badge was a Boy Scout leader training program and it was a prerequisite to be fully position trained to enroll in a course. In 2000 Wood Badge training was opened to all BSA programs and the position training prerequisite was eliminated. It then often, but not always, became a ticket item. If the individual was registered as an SM and went through charter renewal within the past few years the records are probably recoverable. If the training was completed much earlier he may, as stated above, need to dig up the certificate.

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I was “fully trained” back when campers had to fend off dinosaurs. I lead the really old 7 session basic as well as many other training courses. I also took “trainers” Woodbadge–nothing like current version, more like a super IOLS–40 years ago. So, now I’m SM of a special needs unit and was required to take IOLS to be position trained. Although I thought it was overkill, I went ahead and took the course. Turned out to be a great experience. I learned some new tricks and met some great leaders from other districts. Well worth the time and effort. He needs to take IOLS.


@JamesSleezer - you fended off dinosaurs as well :slight_smile:

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