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IOLS Training for ASM during COVID-19

I know there was a waiver until December 2020, but we are obviously past that. I have 3 young ladies who are soon going to “age out” of the troop (after hopefully earning their Eagles - 1 down, 2 to go). I am making them ASMs as soon as they “age out” March 1st. They will need IOLS training (as well as some other adults in the troop), but during COVID-19, especially in California, we cannot meet in person.

How do we get them the IOLS training? Suggestions?

Thank you.

Sounds like you need to contact your council. If they can afford to travel perhaps they can attend one being offered in another area.

IOLS was one of the best training events I attended. Very useful and very fun.

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You also have the option of making them “Unit College Scouter Reserve”, Position Code 92U. This position only requires YPT training.


Certain Councils are offering Virtual IOLS.

I know National Capital Council was one of them.

National Capital Area Council.



See also

They should invite an IOLS instructor on a trek and see if the instructor can keep up! :mask:

I just vacated a District Training Chair position in NCAC. We briefly had a Virtual IOLS; it was a beta test that National decided was not going to be approved. We credited those that attended that one. With that being said, be careful of other virtual IOLS courses being offered. Some in our Council were being offered that were not even the temporarily approved beta course, and are not certifying courses. At this time, it is my understanding that NO virtual IOLS courses are approved by National.

I feel for your Scouts soon to age out. They can still continue into ASM positions while they wait to get IOLS, though the Unit Scouter Reserve or Unit College Scouter Reserve are also good paths. Don’t let not having any training completion options deter them.


Thanks for the information, @RM2018. I had heard about several areas offering virtual IOLS, but wasn’t sure how well that would work, given the amount of hands-on activity involved in a typical IOLS training weekend.

Happy to help since our Council Training team spent a lot of time discussing all of this. I could see some annoyed leaders to take the time and pay the fee to complete what they thought is a certifying course, only to find out they still have to go do the old one. I think we may even have some virtual ones upcoming on our Council calendar that were never the approved course. I know some of our surrounding Councils have them still posted.

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