Is it Me?

Hivemind… I need some help determining if it is just me, or…

Situation: I am a pack ScoutBook admin. I noticed today that for the past several days I (alone in my unit) am not getting calendar reminders, nor am I getting messages (both e-mail and text) that I originate and send. The other members of my unit are getting these communications. I have checked my spam filters and my “opt-out” settings, and all are good.

Is anyone else noticing these types of issues? Further background, last week I was getting calendar reminders for the same recurring weekly den meetings.


The Scoutbook e-mail server is on one of the major blacklists. BSA IT is working to get the server off the blacklist but unfortunately, the blacklist owners will not reveal WHY a server is blacklisted. This means trying different things until one works which takes time.

We have no way of knowing if your e-mail provider uses the blacklist that the Scoutbook server is listed on but we know Apple and Microsoft addresses are impacted.

@edavignon … I will test by changing my e-mail… but why would I not be getting text messages too?

Text messages use e-mail to text. Scoutbook sends an e-mail to the cell provider’s address for your phone number. If your cell provider uses the blacklist to block e-mail, you won’t get texts.

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