Is Scoutbook now populating the BeAScout map with location info?

In the past the BeAScout map info needed to be updated by Unit people. And frequently wasn’t.
It appears that the location and contact info on the map is now coming directly from Scoutbook.
Can anyone confirm that?

I do not think so - where in Scoutbook would a meeting location be stored?

Don’t know, I don’t use Scoutbook, so that’s why I was asking.
Do you know if BeAScout scrapes Unit contacts from Scoutbook?

@DavidSchilpp - the beascout info is strictly based on what is entered there and nowhere else. Having updated our pin info for like a decade now i am familiar

More than the unit has access though so it’s possible for certain non-unit people to update it.

No, there is no connection between and scoutbook. The info is set in my.scouting.

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It is controlled in > menu > (unit number) > organization manager > (unit number) menu > unit pin

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