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Is the internet advancement temporarily down?

all that it is allowing me to do is run reports. I can’t enter any advancements for our court of honor coming up.

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@LisaCampbell - it has been up and running for me since I logged in at 3:30am… no need to ask why that early :slight_smile:

Internet Advancement is up. It appears that there is an issue with some users (K3Ds and Unit Advancement Chairs) trying to access it today. I have notified the developers.

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@LisaCampbell I just sent you a message. Please check your avatar in the upper right.

Hi. I just tried to get in as well and can only run reports. Can you help?

@SuzanneDipanfilo I can pass your info on to the developers.

I will send you a direct message. Look for an indicator on your avatar in the upper right corner in a couple minutes.

I am not able to add service hours? I only see Eagle service hours or the reports.

@LaurieAlger -i would gather you are talking about servicehours.scouting.org and if you read the text above the login boxes it explains the change. Service hours are now in IA2 or scoutbook.scouting.org and will require key 3 or delegate access.

My Import File is grayed out. I cannot import the advancement file. Is the server down?

@Anne-MarieBebak It seems to be working for me.

What are your positions / roles with the unit as designated at my.scouting.org (my.Scouting Tools)?

Hi Jennifer,

I am the advancement chair for the troop.

I do it regularly and can’t understand why the import file link is not blue… I have tried for the past 2 days…



@Anne-MarieBebak I have reported your issue to the developers.

@Anne-MarieBebak - could you just to be certain, have one of your key 3 check to make sure that you are listed in that functional role in my.scouting. I know it was post that someone had the position removed and re-added and that was successful in gaining access.

I have tried to enter some awards to my Pack and since yesterday it says I do not have access to any of the kids.

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