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Is there a report to show Partial Adventures

hi - I’ve been looking and could trying to run the wrong report and maybe what I am hoping for doesn’t exist yet. Is there a report I can run for the Cubmaster that shows the percentage of a Cub Scout Rank Adventure has been completed once they are approved by advancement/Committee Chair? The Cub History only shows the completion date for the adventures, but you have to go into each individual advancement to see what the percentages are for each cub in the den. Its a little time consuming and annoying when we just want a quick overview. Some den meetings cover portions of a couple adventures and parents can enter the portions they and their scout complete at home.

I’m not exactly clear on what your looking for, but I’m betting report builder can get you something along those lines.

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You can create this with Report Builder. Select the Cub Scouts and the Ranks/Awards/Adventures you wish to check. In the options on the right, select Show % Completion. If you also select Show Dates, anything that has been marked complete overall will include a date instead of a Completion Percentage.

Whew! Thanks so much Ed!!! This will work nicely.
I remember back in the olden days when we had a chart on the wall in the church hall for each den and parents double checked their cub’s books. Now parents want to see the metrics on their child’s progress like they can with their school portals - yay progress

If the parents want a real time view, they can get that by logging into Scoutbook.

While I totally agree with you on this point - the reality is with our Cubs still in Hybrid school mode logging in to Scoutbook is one of those things the parents don’t seem to get to especially if there are multiple children. We are honestly happy when they let us know via text or email they worked on something at home. Trying to give people a bit of a break and still make sure the children get as much from the program in the most normal way as possible.

As a reminder, there is a new report in ROSTER for unit Key 3, commissioners and some district/council level volunteers called the Cub Scout Advancement Report which I posted about last week Summary Advancement Reports Now Available. They are developing a new report that will provide COMPLETED Cub Scout Adventure information.

I must not have the right access. I am one of the unit key 3, a den leader, merit badge counselor and a designated district Eagle Advancement Coordinator.
For now the report with the little symbols and then hand writing the percentages in will have to suffice.

Have on of your District K3 add you as a delegate.

You don’t need to hand write percentages. Just select Show % Complete in Roster Builder and the percentages will be shown.

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I highly recommend in the future you make these types of reports available to unit admins as well. I know it is a unit admin that would need this and use this report. Too many useful reports are restricted to Key 3 making them not useful and not used. key 3 have many other things to do, running reports is reasonable to delegate to someone else. Delegation by Key 3 would require them knowing how to use Scoutbook.

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@MarnieHam - Not to be argumentative, but I think you have totally missed the point. These are district and council level reports; they are NOT intended for use at the unit level.

To your second point, delegation of unit Key 3 responsibilities is done in my.Scouting Organization Security Manager and is exclusively a unit Key 3 responsibility.