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Is there a specific med form for Epi-Pens?

My AOL scout has a newly-prescribed Epi-Pen. We’re updating our med forms for summer camp and I want to be sure that there’s not an additional form we need to have signed for the Epi-Pen. His school has a separate form for Epi-Pens which is why I even thought to ask.

Danica - I gather this will be for cub day camp ? Generally speaking, day camps and overnight camps will have a medical check in and may well have a form for over the counter and prescription meds (at least that is the case with scout summer camps). You may want to check with the unit leadership on this to be certain.

It’s resident camp. I’ll check the camp website and also with the den leader. Thanks!


Keep in mind that resident camps are often subject to state laws for which standard BSA medical forms may be inefficient. For this reason, camps often have supplemental forms that must be submitted.

Two examples: (1) Anyone under 18 attending a resident camp in New York state must have a special meningitis form on file with the camp nurse. (2) In New Jersey, a camp nurse may not administer anything (not even an over-the-counter children’s ibuprofen) without a specific order from the child’s physician. So, there is a special form the physician needs to sign allowing the nurse to make that decision to administer.

Always check with the camp for supplemental medical forms that are required.


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