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Is there a way to avoid signing up for Boy's Life when using Online Registration

We have several cub scouts who are bridging up to boy scouts. Our Troop is trying out online registration. These boys have already paid their national dues and are already receiving Boy’s Life magazine through the Pack. When they apply – and transfer from the pack to the troop – it is requiring that they sign up for Boy’s Life magazine, which I think is a $9 charge. If they pay by credit card, they have to pay for it. If they pay by cash, then it goes on the invoice and the Troop would have to pay it to the Council (theoretically after being paid or reimbursed by the new scout’s family). Is there a way to avoid signing up for – and being charged for – Boy’s Life magazine when using online registration?

Unless things have changed, online registration is not currently set up for transferring memberships from one unit to another (for example: Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA).

It now allows it. When using online registration for youth, the first question is: “Is the youth a current/former Scout?” If you click “yes,” then it allows you to enter the BSA Number, name, DOB, etc…

While it initially shows it will charge the price as a new registration, when checking out, the cost will drop to: - $0 (no dues because already registered with BSA - it’s just a transfer from the pack, and BSA has dropped any transfer fees) - $9 (prorated Boys’ Life).

So, this is a transfer. My only problem is the double charge on the Boy’s Life that they already paid for.

Is “no” to Boys’ Life an option? I think the subscription will continue through the rest of the charter year, because they have already paid for it with the pack. I would recommend asking your council.

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I saw the same thing when testing it for my troop. Since I wasn’t sure how the Boys Life subscription would work out, we didn’t use it. One concern is that the scouts bsa version is different Cub Scout version. When I asked my DE about it, she didn’t think we could do it at all. So, I gave up.

Unless their support people are out of the loop, it does not yet allow online transfers. I sent them an email asking what people should do when doing an online transfer for Boys’ Life.

“Thank you for contacting Boy Scouts of America. Currently, there is no transfer function in Online Registration. Attempting to do so will result in duplicate or multiple registrations. Transfers are still processed using a physical application.”

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Matt. All I can say is it works to use online registration, with the one problem being paying for Boys Life. The new scout showed up in Scoutbook. Our Council staff has been furloughed. Paper applications have been sitting idle for weeks. We were dead in the water without this. This gave us new life. I know there has not been any announcement about this, but this is, in fact, a transfer, and, it does, in fact, work.

Did it link up their cub advancement? That is, it carried the BSA id over?

I suspect that they are now technically registered in both the pack and the troop, which is fine. The pack will drop them at Recharter. You should check their membership in scoutbook, if they have a current membership in both a pack and troop, advancement will not work correctly. So, put an end date on the pack membership.

Yes, it carried over the cub advancement and the BSA ID.


You are correct, he was both in the pack and the troop. I dropped the pack membership. Excellent suggestion about that.

I guess I am not surprised that support didn’t know about it. Sad, very sad, but not surprised.

Technically support told you the truth. It was a multiple registration, not a transfer. Although, practically speaking, there isn’t much distinction.

I was responding via email, but now see the other parts of the conversation. So, it didn’t do the transfer as it should have. It seems to me your are transferring from a Pack to a Troop. As adult could be a member of a Pack and a Troop, but not a Youth.

So, the process may have worked in the end, but it isn’t “full cooked”.

This was my question…
"I saw in an online forum that online applications are now supported for Webelos bridging to Scouts and presumable Scouts transferring between units. It wasn’t clear, though, to those that tried it, how not to get double charged for Boys’ Life.

Can someone updated the “change log” to include these transfer applications and how it works? Does it just work for Scouts or adults too? Can adults apply for a second position online or still must that be done offline?"

Right. It’s just like for adults. Although, a scout shouldn’t be allowed to be registered in a pack and troop at the same time, that’s probably what’s happening.

The change logs in these forums are only for Scoutbook and related apps. Plus, I’m only reading between the lines as to how it works based on my own experience and the OP. I’ve not heard these details from IT.

I the reason why I contacted support was so they could update their my.scouting.org change log since it was just last month they touted it as a “new” feature. Then I see this and was like “hey, is that in the new fancy change log?” Sadly, no. So, I was
like “please update your change log”. Support is like “no, nothing to see here”. :frowning:

I actually think that functionality has existed for significantly more than a month.

Their log goes back to August and it isn’t in there.

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