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Is there a way to copy/share the Troop B Calendar with the newly created Troop G Scoutbook calendar?

Is there a way to copy/share the Troop B Calendar with the newly created Troop G Scoutbook calendar?

It kinda depends on what the exact goal is. Are you looking to invite the girls’ troop to participate in the events already set up, and show the scouts/leaders in the RSVP list, or are you looking for it to be displayed just for informational purposes?

There is no good native method in Scoutbook to do it. It could theoretically be done by having someone who has calendar editing privileges in both units add the event to both calendars in the calendar drop-down within each event. However, that would mean that only another leader who had access to edit both calendars could edit the event.

Another tactic, if the event view is meant to be just informational, would be to create a shared Google calendar, or something similar, and subscribe that calendar to both troops’ Scoutbook calendars. Then, that “joint” calendar could be used as a reference.

Using the Feature Assistant Extension written by one of the scouters, you can export the existing calendar to CSV, then import it to the other calendar. The events would now be “duplicates” rather than linked, but each event could be edited by anyone who has the appropriate permissions for the calendar on which it occurs. However, you would need to manually adjust any events that change after the export/import cycle.

ETA: I keep making editorial changes to make what I meant clearer.

We use the ‘leader in both groups’ method. While these are distinct units, we have quite a bit of cross-pollination; I’m the unit leader for B and on the G committee. My wife is the unit leader for G and on the B committee. The B Life to Eagle advisor is the G Committee Chair, etc.

I also have publishing rights to the Pack Scoutbook and edit all three calendars by selecting from the drop down. This works for Pack / troop / troop family camp outs or Scouting for Food. It also helps when transitioning Cubs to Boy Scouts.

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Thanks! Both suggestions are wonderful. Our G troop was just formed and it seemed time-consuming to create each event all over again in each calendar for every event that the B and G scouts will be doing together. I am an admin for the B troop and just yesterday the G troop showed up in my Scoutbook account. Now I can see that I have access to both calendars when I create an event. I appreciate your assistance.