IS there a way to delete a MB? Mistakes in assigned parents? Basically. mistakes in any assigned thing to a particular Scout?

I wondering if there is any way to easily remove an assigned MB, or a mistakenly assigned parent, or any other assigned element in Scoutbook. As an example, there are some mistakenly assigned parents to a few of our scouts. How do I remove the extras? As another example, if a MB is assigned to a particular scout, can I just delete that assignment if indeed it’s not correct, or the Scout has decided not to do it? Basically, what is the deletion process of any item in Scoutbook?

@NeilWorden - you have a number of issues all wrapped up in a single post. How about you unpack the issues one at a time.

The answer is, unfortunately, it depends. I recommend taking a search through the help documents at to find out if there are answers to specific questions you have.

People who have been mistakenly added as parents can end their own parent-type connection to that scout, but otherwise you have to contact the council to have those removed (since it could, in theory, be an actual parent connection that someone is nefariously trying to remove).

There’s no need to remove a merit badge “start” from a scout if they decide not to continue, for the same reason you wouldn’t take away their blue card. There’s no significance to having “started” a MB in Scoutbook, any more than there is to having started a MB in the “hardcopy” (i.e. blue card) system. That said, I believe that any leader with Full Control or Edit Advancement permissions to a scout can remove an underway merit badge. However, this will delete all records in Scoutbook of the work done to date. Since scouts might change their mind and want to work on the badge/award again at some point in the future, I generally recommend against removing/deleting stuff like this without a really good reason.

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Well my friend @CharleyHamilton has done this and indeed this will need some lifting in some areas.

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