Is there a way to look up a BSA #

I have an adult who was previously registered with us but has not been registered for several years. We will be registering him this year when we recharter. I was wondering if there was a way to search for his BSA id as he is not sure what it is. This way he will be able to take youth protections without getting a new id assigned to him.

Well does the user recall their old log in the - if they can log in there all the data is there

@ElizabethSalter - or if you have the recharter documents saved they would be listed if registered in the unit. I have mine for the past 10 years just for these instances

If those other options fail, a call to your council office could work

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Or if the adult was registered in another council, a call to that council’s office. Council’s can only see BSA Member IDs that were registered in their own council.

In My.Scouting, you can go to the Reports menu in Roster and run the Non-Renewed Membership Report. Once it runs for the current year, you can click on the Filter button and enter the year they dropped. You can get their number from that report. You can even run it for multiple years (I just tested a 1/1/2017 through 12/31/2021 report for a unit.)


Great tip for everyone. Thanks!

thank you for all the help

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