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ISO Any Wilderness First Aid Programs approved by, but not provided by BSA

Our Troop from western NY is heading to Sea Base in July 2021. Anyone know of any online resources for getting the high adventure required Wilderness First Aid course that’s BSA approved? We have not been able to find any council in NY that will be providing it between now and July and the Red Cross is also not currently offering it. Thanks in advance for any insight!

The BSA has a list of approved providers here:

ETA: For example, NOLS advertises some of their courses as compliant with ACA and BSA standards.

Thank you Charley! I have a call in to ECSI, located in MA. Fingers crossed they can offer the course or someone else with a similar dilemma has some good insight. The Red Cross and ACA are not currently offering it in NY or NJ. The NOLS training looks fantastic but we aren’t able to travel to Arkansas for it.

That’s just one that I selected, because they don’t tell you it’s ACA/BSA compliant until you drill down to the particular course.

NOLS has training all over the place at various times. Course Finder

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I’m nearby and have reached out to a local contact. I’ll hopefully have more information for you in short order.

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Thank you so much! Any leads you have would be much appreciated!

Their reply:

I do not know of any WFA courses being offered locally at this time. We have made several inquiries into ECSI (who provides our curriculum and certification) and BSA about how to carry out the in-person hands-on portions of the training and they have not responded at all.

Another Scout Leader seeking WFA told us that, “Sea Base has stated that for those crews without a certified adult leader they will assign us to a boat where the captain has received the training but we are urged to continue to seek our own training”, so you may want to check in to that.

This comes from a course director in NY who is quite close to WNY. Quite close by.

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Thanks! We’ve gotten the same reply. ECSI is in western MA so driving there for the training isn’t completely out of the question, if they’re offering the course. Waiting to hear back from them.

Contact Sea Base see if they can offer guidance.

Best of luck to you. My WFA expired last fall and I’d surely like to refresh it.

Let me know how you make out.

My wife and I did WFA in January through Medic Solo. They work in the mid-Atlantic area, but do have a class upcoming in Philadelphia that might be do-able for you. See here for their full schedule.

I’ll just caution that they’ve gone to quite an extreme with their COVID protocols, so masks and 6ft+ distance from classmates is required at all times, and you have to either bring a partner from “inside” your COVID bubble or make a dummy for use in demonstrating the WFA skills. We found this to be quite a distraction from the course delivery…so much that we wouldn’t recommend taking the class with these protocols still in place. But if you’re in a pinch (which it sounds like you are), they’re worth considering. The course content/structure was definitely superior to my original WFA class (taken through BSA).

If you have a local military unit; ask who does their certifications. The DoD is transitioning to the Red Cross. They may have someone who can take the online bridging course to become a WFA instructor.
I also recommend talking to your council training committee to work on setting up a Red Cross liaison to work the issue so you can have FA/CPR training offered along with WFA.

At bottom of page is the list of WFA accepted by Philmont as a start

Check with companies that teach EMT, first aid and CPR. We did ours through a private company. They may be willing to take on the curriculum if it is provided to them and of you have enough people to participate.

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