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Issue with putting in leadership roles for my special need scouts over 18

Our troop is a mixture of special needs adult scouts and regular scouts. I am having issues when it comes to the leadership portion of the scout. It keeps ending their leadership and giving me the following error report. “DateEnded by SP usp_SyncSetActivationStatus user is Adult” While I realize they are adults by age, they are still registered as scouts because mentally they are not adults. How can this be fixed?


They should be registered as Unit Participants. Check with your Council to ensure they have the proper registration.

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That would be quite different than what the Guide to Advancement says:


According to my registrar, those over the age of 18 that register “Beyond the age of eligibility” are entered into ScoutNET as Unit Participants. Scoutbook uses the UP designation to know to treat someone over the age of 18 in a troop as a youth member.

That might be and would certainly explain a number of things. It is also a symptom of far less than ideal thinking to keep things consistent with our Law.

What are you getting at? They still have to have adult applications, do YPT, etc. The system, though, needs to know that they are beyond 18, but can earn advancement.

Really??? Clearly you need to gain some understanding about disabilities that is what I am getting at. This is a stain on the organization. Adult participant refers to someone 18 to 20 years of age participating in Venturing or Sea Scouts. It is not ever a person with a disability.

If the software needs change then change it. The BSA has no excuse. If the organization is serious about DEI then it will fix the software to properly account for members with disability. It will make them as a youth as it should and allow for advancement as it should.

And no they don’t require adult applications. I watched the entire process of a young man in my dad’s troop and no adult application was involved. Further - the letter from the Council Exec stated that he would continue to be a youth until he graduated high school.


From what I understand talking to registrar, Unit Participant is the way the BSA identifies those Scouts who are over the age of 17 but are still able to earn Scouts BSA awards. It does not matter if they have an Eagle Extension or are authorized to register “beyond the age of eligibility”. There must be some way for the BSA to indicate someone over the age of 17 can earn awards. It is the Unit Participant designation that overrides the age checks in the systems.

I have not heard that someone registering beyond the age of eligibility needs an adult application.

As I said in my original response to this thread, the user needs to check with their registrar to make sure these youth that are over the age of 17 are properly registered so that Scoutbook and other tools know they are able to continue to earn Scouts BSA awards.

Really. Where I come from, seeking to understand what someone is getting at isn’t grounds for a rude response.

For those looking for official information, check out the BSA Registration Guidebook. Specifically pages 28 and 29.


That guidebook is from 2019, before the Unit Participant registration code was added.

There is a “P” participant position listed on page 36 in the list of unit positions. Though I recognize I am no expert here as my knowledge only extends to what’s in this guide, and as we all know, things have been changing rapidly.

See page 30, and other pages referred to on page 30.

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