Issue with transfer to another Troop

Submitted a transfer that required YPT. This has been completed for a week, but transfer is still blocked as requiring YPT.

Member ID: 13318031
Secondary ID: 12753347 (also, can we get this merged? afraid of consequence of deleting)

Users should be able to manage their own BSA IDs by logging in to my.scouting, and selecting Manage Member ID. From there, add the “missing” one, and set whichever one has a leader registration as primary.

ETA: Manage Member ID is in the left side drop-down menu.

ETA2: Make sure that whoever is taking YPT is actually taking the mandatory course, not the “continuing education” version.

It is the Mandatory training, and I’ve received the certificate

However these are the only options. When my son transferred there was an Accept button instead of Send YPT Email

This second BSA member number had already been deleted in the system. I am not sure if related, but you did have 2 Scoutbook accounts, which I have merged.

Adults do not transfer the same way that Scouts do, because you need to be approved by the gaining unit’s Chartered Org. Rep. (or COR Delegate).


Thank you for that information. I’ll pass that along.