Issues creating scout accounts

I invited my scout to scoutbook. She got this email.

After using these credentials to login she was prompted with this screen.

after she selected her matching account, she tried the “new” password she was just emailed, it failed, she had to go to to reset the password for the second user name she was given on the second screen. once she did that she was able to login using the second user name and newly set password to scoutbook.

This is way confusing! Why was she sent an email with her email address as the login id, when in fact it is not - this is creating so much confusion for my troop. Especially when they have to reset their password on and then login to and think they are in scoutbook and can’t find the calendar or scout advancement.

I had to handhold 5 families in the last week to get their accounts. Somehow they end up with duplicate accounts, can’t connect to their scout, create their account and somehow make it think they are the scout. I have 50 scouts in my troop - please do something to streamline this - it is a nightmare. I am in tears.

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