Issues with My Scouting History

The first time I accessed this feature after updating, the app crashed. I have not been able to reproduce the issue.

The sorting of the history is wrong, because it sorts by year, then program, then date. This means that for a given year, you will see Cub Scout history before Scouts BSA history before All history, even if those dates don’t align with the sort order.

One possible fix would probably be to sort the programs “chronologicaly” in the same direction as the date sort. I.e., when sorting descending, Scouts BSA comes before Cub Scouts, but when sorting ascending, Cub Scouts comes first.

But better would be to just use the earliest/latest date in the program-year group to sort the groups.

It should be from most recent back - I will look into that. In addition you can filter as you want to and on what you want to. You should see the Scouts BSA history first as you mentioned. I will enter a bug and have the team review. We were supposed to be using lastest completed (most recent) to the oldest. Thanks!