Issues with my son’s transfer

Hi, whenever I view my son’s service hours or other items with his profile I get a synchronization error. He has transferred from Pack 1188 to Troop 1372. It also doesn’t show that he completed the Arrow of Light, like his peers. It says he’s a Webelo still. Any assistance would be appreciated. His BSA number is 133853322.

Your son’s registration is still in Pack 1188. He has not been transferred to a Troop. You will need to work with your Council to get his transfer processed. Until this happens, the Troop will not be able to approve any Scouts BSA advancement.

His Arrow of Light is marked completed but not approved in Scoutbook. His former pack needs to approve it for it to appear in his Scouts BSA profile. You will need to move him back to the pack temporarily so pack leadership can approve it. To move him back, go to his Membership page, put an end date in his Troop Membership then go to his Pack membership and remove the end date. A pack admin will need to approve his membership.

Thank you! I’ll do that now :slight_smile:

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