Issues with Parent Accounts

I have two parent accounts that aren’t set up correctly. They’re not able to receive the invitation link from council and I am not able to send the invite under their profile like I am able to for other scout parents. Can you fix this? The first Member ID is 14700497 and the second is 14771097. The scout Member ID is 14700498.

Both parents have already logged in at Scoutbook and both appear to be connected to the Scout as parents. Once an adult logs in at Scoutbook, you can’t invite them to connect anymore. They just need to log in with their my.scouting user name and password.

What issues are they having?

I have a parent that can’t log in or reset a password. Also, he can’t create an account attached to his Google email, probably because he has set one up. He has 2 boys in scouting. One ID # is
SB User ID:12641284
BSA Member ID: 14474751

Both boys have the same last name, and the mom is connected as a leader.

@ShannanCrider I sent you a private message.

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Requesting help with parent account 14172760. It was entered with the incorrect phone number and will not let me change it as a Key 3 member. Please change to (phone number removed by Moderator)


We are unable to change phone numbers. You will either need the parent to log in and go to My Account → Edit Profile or ask your Council to change it.

@BrendanEvans Another option is to ask the parent to log in at my.scouting and change the phone number there. What usually works is to add a new phone number, designate it as primary, then delete the old one.

Another similar issue came up requesting help with. SB ID 9583382 has an old e-mail that has been deactivated. The member is no longer able to access that e-mail and cannot remember their password. Do I just need to create a new profile and merge the two afterwards?


The member’s username is . If she can’t log in to to change her e-mail address she can request the Council reset the password.