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Issues with scoutbook

Good afternoon
I am having issues with 4 scouts that paid and turned in applications but have not been assigned to a den. I have tried multiple times to get them assigned, but nothing seems to be working. I’m a afraid to loose these scouts please assist.

Do they show up on your Scoutbook roster, but not in a den? What happens when you try to assign them to a den?

Are these Scouts showing up on your Pack Roster page?

Yes 2 of the kids are showing on scoutbook when you go to assign them it shows error no access. I’m a key member and authorized to make changes however it won’t let me make the changes either. One of the scouts isn’t showing anywhere and the 4th is saying only key members can make changes to his account but it won’t let of of us 3 touch his account

This this: from your roster page, click your name > your positions > your current pack admin position. That often resets the connections.