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Issues with Sea Scout rank not reporting to my.scouting

Has anyone else had issues where Sea Scout rank info is not updating the my.scouting records? We are putting all our advancement info into scoutbook and assumed it was working fine. Today I got a notice from a council commissioner questioning why half our scouts don’t have any rank. It is showing their BSA rank instead of Sea Scout rank on his reports. I’m not even sure where he got the listing as I have no tool access in my.scouting to print the type of roster with ranks and ages he showed me.

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Have these ranks been marked as Approved in Scoutbook?

Can you contact your council Registrar and ask them to check ScoutNet? This might help identify if there is an advancement sync issue.

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I’d also double check that name and bsa member number match between scoutbook and member manager.


All sea scout ranks are marked as completed, approved, and awarded in scoutbook and BSA id#s match between troop/ship/council records. The issue seems to only be with those scouts who have BSA advancement turned on in scoutbook.

I would ask your registrar to check to see if the data is in ScoutNET as this will help narrow down the problem. If the data is in ScoutNET then the issue is with the reports your council commissioner is running. If the data is not in ScoutNET, then the issue is with the Scoutbook/ScoutNET sync.

We have seen problems in both advancement reports and sync in the past so knowing if the data is in ScoutNET will help notify the correct team.

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I have now verified with our registrar and the data is showing correctly in ScoutNET. They decided it must be an issue with their reports as it always shows the “highest” rank for each scout and BSA rank is higher than Sea Scout rank. Thank you for your help finding the issue.

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