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It wasn't Broke, why did you "Fix" it

I am Scoutmaster of a Girl’s Trrop and Asst. Scoutmaster of a Boy’s troop so I deal extensively with Scoutbook several times weekly. Life was simple in the old days (just a few months back) and then the supposed “upgrade” came… It was so simple back then. Just go to Scoutbook, enter what needed entering and you’re done. I have been trying to navigate this new “better” way for long enough and I can’t take it anymore!!! Am I the only one that thnks this way? Why do IT folks think that everything has to be “upgraded” on a regular basis? Maybe to justify their position? Well how about you justify your position and put things back like they were? You know/, when Scoutbook data entry was quick and easy for the Adult leaders that work for free and allow you to have your IT position in the first place!!! I just had to get that off my Scoutmaster chest…

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I assume you’re talking about the new activity logs? If so, the short answer is while they weren’t exactly broke, there were many, many, many requests for improvements to them, and those improvements needed some supporting upgrades to be possible. Hence, migrating them from Scoutbook to IA2, which is on a newer, more robust development stack.

I know that’s probably not the answer you wanted to hear…

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