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JASM assistance

I have a scout that was appointed as a JASM, and our Female linked Troop has requested him to assist their Troop, is this ok? Is he able to assist the other troop?

I am not looking for debates or anything except a little guidance.

Yes (I think) - just not in camping situations - and I would always keep an adult with him just to protect him and both units.

But that is a good head-scratcher of a question.

I would email and ask and please report back if you hear something - would be good for the community to know

Assist how, exactly? Offer advice? Something else?

Jennifer, I would say more like act like an ASM, since that is what the role is. But he is not a JASM for that Troop.

@DonovanMcNeil, Thanks, I will definitely send an email to them and see what they say.

Honestly, we’ve had our youth help teach skills for GSUSA troops who didn’t have the skill sets in-house among their leadership or youth. Generally, that scout had a parent along, sometimes said parent was also a unit leader from our troop/pack. Occasionally, it’s been a reasonably large (5-10) group of scouts who were teaching. I’m not aware of any policies that would prohibit an “outside speaker” from a boys’ troop, for example, at a Scouts BSA girl troop.

I tend to agree with @DonovanMcNeil, however, that camping is likely a difficult area, based on what I’ve seen of policies. Separate tenting is required, separate latrine areas…it could be impractical more than impossible under the policies.

Might be worth contacting National about if you want a specific answer:


I have male Scouts from our linked troop help teach skills to the girls all the time. We meet at the same time and location so logistically this is very easy. There is usually a leader in the room but even when there is not, there is always at least 2 boys and 2 girls.

There is no restriction on boys helping girls. The only restriction is if the event or meeting has a female Scout there must be a female leader over the age of 21 present. Just as with boys, there is still a requirement of 2 registered leaders over the age of 21 be present at all events and meetings.

Thank you everyone. This is helpful.

I think I need to see how the SM for the Girls Linked troop wants to use him.

My Question to National:

can a male scout actively assist / lead / teach the female troop in an activity?

Response from National:

Yes, with appropriate adult supervision in place.

The Family Scouting Team

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