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JOTA for Tigers

I saw an article that had said Tigers participating in JOTA helps them meet requirements for the elective adventure Family Stories. We just participated today and now I’m going to enter everyone both for International Spirit Award and AOL’s for Building a Better World, but there is nothing that matches for Tigers, especially in Family Stories.

Also, we had 1 Lion participate but there isn’t even a space for them to earn International Spirit Award. Does anyone know of any other Den requirements that might benefit from JOTA so I don’t have to go through each Den and each requirement?

Per my 2018 post in the legacy forums:

2018-06-28: JOTA/JOTI 2018 - per the Bryan on Scouting article (6/21/2018):

In addition to being incredibly fun, JOTA and JOTI count toward Scouting requirements:

  • For Tigers, this meets requirements for the elective adventure Family Stories.
  • For Webelos, it counts toward the Arrow of Light adventure Building a Better World.
  • Boy Scouts can check off a requirement for the Citizenship in the World merit badge and the Radio merit badge.
  • All Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers and adult leaders can count the event toward the requirements for the International Spirit Award.

Looking at the requirements for the Family Stories adventure (Tiger elective), I am not sure how JOTA/JOTI fulfills any of them (by itself).

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@CarlaKrahl, realize the the JOTA is only 1 out of 6 requirements for the International Spirit Award, for Cub Scouts, Additionally there is a form to complete where teh Scout, and the leader, certify “completed the necessary requirements.”

Also, one of the requirements for the International Spirit Award Cub Scouts is to earn the World Conservation Award, which is only available to Cub Scouts in Wolf dens or higher.

@CarlaKrahl - do take note of what as been offered here. This is not a full on they earned international spirit or anything else. The requirements must be looked at for awards and adventures to be certain that they are met.

Hopefully the scouts all had fun and that can be the point. I think often there is such a push for what badge that the scouts lose the joy of simply doing something.

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