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Journey to Excellence 2021

I was trying to get my Pack’s Journey to Excellence worksheet ready for the new year. While I was able to download the 2021 scorecard, I wasn’t able to find a 2021 tracking spreadsheet. Will there be a new published with the changes from 2020?

@WilliamMcAlister - The ones they have posted here are in Excel, not PDFs, but they don’t have the data entry page set up.

I keep mine continuously updated throughout the year, and I’ll probably just add the formulas to my pack spreadsheet myself, if it doesn’t appear soon.

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I too continuously update throughout the year. That way I won’t forget something. I have the scorecard Just need the spreadsheet. Push comes to shove I’ll use the 2020 spreadsheet and just check it against the scorecard at the end of the year.

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For everyone, the National Commissioner Service Team Technology Group is working with the JTE team to create 2021 scorecards. The work is mostly done, sans some cleaning up deletions of text from 2020. The JTE team won’t be able to approve the work plan until late next week… thus I hope we will have all the PDFs and EXCEL workbooks done and posted by mid-January.


BTW folks, this (the 2021 unit worksheets) and the 2020 updated unit worksheets, is a great example of how we, as volunteers, can work together across organizational pipelines to pick up some of the load that was previously done by professionals who are no longer with us. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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