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Journey to Excellence (JTE) for Venturing - 2019

This discussion topic is about JTE and tools available to crews and council venturing officers associations (VOA). JTE is “The BSA method for annual planning and continuous improvement”

For council and council VOA

New for 2019:

For crews

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Crew JTE objectives

Planning and Budget

1 - Planning and budget: Have a program plan and budget that is regularly reviewed by the committee, and it follows BSA policies relating to fundraising.

  • Bronze level: Have an annual program plan and budget adopted by the crew committee.
  • Silver level: Achieve Bronze, plus crew conducts a planning meeting involving youth leaders for the following program year.
  • Gold level: Achieve Silver, plus crew committee meets at least six times during the year to review program plans and finances.

Planning and Budget Measures

1 - The crew has a program plan and budget that is reviewed at all crew committee meetings, and the crew follows BSA policies relating to fundraising and fiscal management as found on the Unit Money-Earning Application form and any other publication that the council has developed for fundraising and fiscal management. A meeting is held with youth leaders where they are involved in developing the plan for the next program year. The crew’s program plan should be shared with the unit commissioner.

Membership - Building Venturing

Council - Core requirement

1 - Building Venturing: Growth in Venturing membership.

  • Bronze: Council holds a Venturing recruiting campaign.
  • Silver: 500-point performance (Bronze) plus council has no loss in crews or Venturers.
  • Gold: Council has growth in Venturing youth membership

FAQ information: Resources for the Venturing recruiting campaign include and the Marketing and Membership Hub on

2019 Crew JTE Membership

2 - Building Venturing: Recruit new youth into the crew in order to grow membership.

  • Bronze. Have a membership growth plan that includes a recruitment activity and register new members in the crew.
  • Silver: Achieve Bronze, and either increase youth members by 5% or have at least 10 members.
  • Gold: Achieve Silver, and either increase youth members by 10% or have at least 15 members with an increase over last year.
  • Measure: The crew has a growth plan, and conducts a formal recruiting event. On December 31, 2019, the crew has an increase in the number of youth members as compared to the number registered on December 31, 2018. A membership growth plan template can be found at

2019 Crew JTE Membership - Retention

3 - Retention: Retain a significant percentage of youth members.

  • Bronze: Reregister 50% of eligible members.
  • Silver: Reregister 60% of eligible members.
  • Gold: Reregister 75% of eligible members.
  • Measures: Number of youth members on the most recent charter renewal (A) divided by the number of youth registered at the end of the prior charter year (B) minus any age-outs ©. Total = (A) / (B-C). Age-outs are youth who are too old to reregister as Venturers. If the crew has a December charter, use the one expiring on December 31, 2018; otherwise use the one expiring during 2019.

2019 Crew JTE Program


4 - Adventure: Conduct regular activities including a Tier II or Tier III adventure
5 - Leadership: Develop youth who will provide leadership to crew meetings and activities
6 - Personal growth: Provide opportunities for achievement and self-actualization.
7 - Service: Participate in service projects, with at least one benefiting the chartered organization.

For Bronze, Silver and Gold level requirements see scorecard.


4 - Adventure: The crew conducts regular activities outside of meetings. At least one is a Tier II activity (may be less than four days, but requires planning and skill development) or a Tier III activity (at least 4 days and is mentally and physically challenging.)
5 - Leadership: The crew has youth leaders serving as president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer who are leading the activities of the crew. Crew officers hold regular meetings and receive training. Each crew activity has a youth leader.
6 - Personal growth: Crew members complete the Venturing award shortly after joining. Experiential training at meetings allows crew members to learn from nds-on experiences. The crew encourages achievement through the advanced Venturing awards
7 - Service: The crew participates in service projects during the year and enters them on the Service Hours website or through Scoutbook. The projects may be completed as joint projects with other organizations. At least one project must benefit the chartered organization.

I do not believe submitting Good Turn service hours or award service hours is currently available on Scoutbook.

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Adult Volunteer Leadership

Note for #8 Leadership Recruitment gold level requires that:

adult leadership is identified prior to the start of the next program

Adult Volunteer Leadership - Recruitment

JTE 2019 Crew Scorecard

Form: 513-107, Revised 7/10/18, extract, reformatted:

8 - Leadership recruitment: Have a proactive approach in recruiting sufficient leaders and communicating with parents

  • Bronze: Have a registered associate advisor.
  • Silver: Achieve Bronze, plus the crew holds a meeting where plans are reviewed with parents.
  • Gold: Achieve Silver, plus adult leadership is identified prior to
    the start of the next program year.

Measures: The crew has an Advisor, an associate, and a committee of at least three members. Ideally, the chartered organization representative should not be dual registered as one of the committee members. The crew holds a meeting where program plans are shared with parents. Volunteer leaders are selected prior to the next program year.

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