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Journey To Excellence Question

I was looking into the JTE awards and my question is it per charter year, per calendar year, or per scouting year.

Recharter year meaning if we recharter in February, it would go to the following February

Scouting Year, can we do September thru august of the next year.

Any help would be appreciated.

Unit JTE scorecards are generally submitted with the rest of your recharter paperwork, whenever that is.

In my council, like many, charters expire on 12/31, so the JTE metrics are effectively calendar year. But it’s best to check with your council.

Also, in case you haven’t already found them, I highly recommend checking out the JTE Tracking Workbooks. They make compiling and submitting your JTE form far simpler.

Check with your council, but guidance in the pack JTE workbook says this:

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The JTE unit award (scorecard) is an annual award based primarily on calendar-year performance.

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