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JSN (Join Scouting Night) applicants

Ok what is everyone doing now, with this roster sync for new spring recruits? Are you manually adding the new scouts so they can get Scout book notifications? Or are you waiting for the council folks to process the application? We did a paper app so it may be awhile for the scout to show up on our official roster. I just don’t want to end up with dup accounts. So what is the best practice method outside of the online app?

With the recent changes to ScoutBook, the best option is to submit the application then wait for the sync. Otherwise you will end up with two entries for the scout, and there is no merge function (that I have seen). We currently use the paper applications, and our council usually gets them done in a week or two, but are considering moving back to the online apps to speed things up. Especially for the Fall when paper apps tend to take much longer.

As long as you enter the Scout or adult with the exact name and date of birth that is on the application, Member Update will be able to find the individual when it tries to add them from your official roster.

Thanks for that tip. We often have problems with middle name and misspellings, but I didn’t realize that the system would make an attempt to link the accounts. I’ll pay more attention in the Fall. I had an adult leader end up with a duplicate account after recharter this past year, however I think that is because council issued a new BSA ID for some reason.

If you have an adult with multiple Scoutbook accounts, you can send an e-mail to with the details of the 2 accounts and ask to have the accounts merged.


I will need to remember this because I have dulpicate leaders all over the place for some reason.