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JTE 2021 Fixes

If they can make them so - fillable PDF would be a nice thing to add. Since I use a Mac it is easy to add annotations to the thing anyway. But a PDF with the only “fancy” thing being fillable spaces would be nice.

@KirkWood - I add notes to the form for my pack every single year. My council demands it in early December, and they want you to guess how many points you’ll get, So, I make notes about assumptions I had to make. In the past, failure to hand it in by the first Saturday in December could result in loss of the ability to get free badges of rank. Effectively, that’s no longer the case, because they closed my local Scout Shop, and the place where I could get the free ones is too far away. I have two in two other neighboring councils that are both closer.

Once I complete the spreadsheet, I use it to create a PDF, The allowed it to be submissted last month without a signature.

For my 2020 JTE, the submission to the council was due before the COVID revised version of the spreadsheet was released. So I had to lie on the tab on which the calculations are done in oder the get the form to come out right. I think we got 25 extra points due to the COVID modifications. We would have gotten Gold without them.

I made a note that the form I was submitting was the old form but completed using the revised rules. The only way I could have used the new form would have been a printed PDF that then needs to get scanned, because it is not fillable.

I only occasionally turn the form in at all. I am fortunate that there was never any expectations of the patch from the parents. I did ask them and nobody seemed motivated to have a patch that needed replaced each year.

Typically in my council units turn in the form with recharter. I think the latest you can get away with if you want the ribbon is mid Jan for my council. At some point they will stop taking them altogether, though I don’t know the deadline. Mostly they want them at recharter.

I sometimes forget that Windows doesn’t have an equivalent to Preview on the Mac. With that program I can easily add stuff on top of the PDF. I can put in whatever wording and either add a box around the square for each area - or highlight in some color.

While I can see where some may like using the worksheet to track their progress - I would have designed it differently. Making a web based form wouldn’t be too tough. The big issue is if some power ravaged peon would make a stink about the end result form not looking exactly like the official one. :grin:

A few thoughts…

  1. While many may think the patch is superfluous, one idea is to add the patch to a certificate you present to unit leaders (kinda like a raised seal), as a nice way to thank them for their service in the past year.

  2. A filled out JTE form, late or not, showing you’ve achieved a level or not, is a great way to focus conversations with your Unit/District Commissioners, as well as with your unit Committee, as to what you can do to improve the program in your unit in the coming year.

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