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Who counts towards the JTE #10 Troop Committee?
I know that the SM and ASMs do not count. What about the CC, COR, or IH?

John - the Committee Chair and Charter Org Rep count on the committee side along with any other committee roles. It may be helpful to look at the troop org structure and committee guide book. These will further note committee folks and roles.

There is a JTE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at the following link:

It looks like:

Committee Chair (CC) = yes
COR = maybe (if also registered as CC or CM)
Institution Head = no

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Well there you go, a perfect resource to answer such questions.

The Chartered Organization Representative (CR) is apparently not a member of the troop committee per the Troop Committee Guidebook, but the Troop JTE scorecard specifically includes the CR in the measure. I am assuming that “active committee member” means a working member of the committee who has a functional role on the committee.

2019 JTE Troop Scorecard - Volunteer Leadership

Item #11 - Trained leadership: Have trained and engaged leaders at all levels. All leaders are required to have youth protection training.
Measures (on page 2): All leaders have completed youth protection training. Scoutmaster and 60% of the assistants have completed position-specific training or, if new, will complete within three months of joining. Two-thirds of active committee members (including chartered organization representative) have completed position-specific training. For Gold, one leader must have attended an advanced training course involving a total of 5 days or more, such as Wood Badge, Summit or Philmont Training Center, at some point in their Scouting tenure.

Members of the Troop Committee (Functional Roles)

per the Scouts BSA troop committee guidebook (2018 printing), chapter 4, Troop Committee Organization and Responsibilities:

  • Troop Committee Chair (CC)
  • Secretary (MC)
  • Treasurer (financial records) (MC)
  • Outdoor/Activities Coordinator (MC)
  • Advancement Coordinator (MC)
  • Chaplain (MC?)
  • Training Coordinator (MC)
  • Equipment Coordinator (MC)
  • Membership Chair (MC)
  • New Scout Parent Unit Coordinator (MC?)
  • Unit Religious Emblem Coordinator (REU)
  • Order of the Arrow Troop Representative Advisor (SA - Asst. Scoutmaster)

per Why every Scout unit needs a New Member Coordinator, Bryan on Scouting article, December 6, 2017, by Bryan Wendell:

  • New Member Coordinator

Note 1: New Member Coordinator (NM), announced in or before May 2017, however New Scout Parent Unit Coordinator and Membership Chair is listed in guidebook. (Suspect guidebook not updated.)
Note 2: Training differences. Basic position-specific training requirements are not the same for:

  • Chartered Organization Representative
  • Troop Committee Chair/Member
  • New Member Coordinator
  • Chaplain
  • Assistant Scoutmaster


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The COR is the only position that can double in any other position other than program manager. But they must do a separate application for the second position.

What do you mean by program manger? They can be committee chair or committee member. They can’t be anything on the program side.

Program manager is Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Advisor, etc. I found this out the hard way.

I don’t think that is a widely used term. I did a search on, via on google, and only come up with COPE Program Managers. What I think you are looking for is the term unit leader (vs. assist unit leader,
committee member, committee chair, or chartered org rep).


I use
The term program manager because that’s what registrars call it. The program manager dictates the course of a program which is is dependent on what program you are participating.

The generic term for Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Crew Advisor and Skipper is Unit Leader. I have never seen these positions referred to as Program Manager.

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