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July 22, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Consumer Cellular
    • Consumer Cellular does not have a native way to send text messages from a remote system. All Consumer Cellular devices are on either the AT&T or T-Mobile Network. If you have Consumer Cellular, you need to select the proper network to receive texts from Scoutbook. If the number on your SIM card starts with 89014 select AT&T as your carrier. If the number on your SIM card starts with 89012 select T-Mobile as your carrier.
  • Internet Advancement Link
    • An issue that caused the link to Internet Advancement to fail for some users that are authorized to access Internet Advancement has been fixed.
  • Scouts BSA Rank Dates
    • An issue that allowed the Scouts BSA rank date to differ from the Board of Review date has been fixed. When entering a completion date for any Scouts BSA rank, the date must match that of the Board of Review for that rank.

New Features

  • Calendar
    • The calendar has been updated to show up to 3 events per day. If there are more than 3 events for the day, 2 events will be displayed along with a link to a pop-up window containing all the day’s events.
  • Outdoor Ethics Action & Awareness Awards
    • The Cub Scout Outdoor Ethics Action & Awareness awards were retired 6/31/2016. These awards now have the word RETIRED and the date on the award page. These awards can no longer be earned by current Cub Scouts. A future update will produce an error if these are marked complete after the must earn date of 6/31/2017
  • LDS Awards
    • The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints has retired all of its BSA awards. These awards are now hidden from the profile of all Scouts that did not previously complete the award. Scouts who completed and LDS award will still see them.
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