June 17, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Advancement Sync
    • An issue that caused Scouts moving from one program to another without being on the official roster of the new unit to remain in advancement sync has been fixed. When a Scout’s last membership in a unit is ended or when a Scout’s membership in the last unit where the Scout is on the official roster ends, the Scout will be removed from advancement sync. When the Scout has a membership added for a unit where the Scout is on the official roster, advancement sync will be restored.
  • Default Unit
    • An issue that caused the default unit when starting a Merit Badge for Scouts registered in multiple units to change has been fixed.
  • Life Rank Merit Badges
    • An issue that caused Merit Badges to be assigned to Life Rank incorrectly has been fixed. Merit Badges will be assigned to Life Rank based on the completion date of the Merit Badge.
  • Loading Image
    • An issue that caused the Loading image to remain on the screen for some Den and Patrol functions has been fixed.
  • Merit Badge Counselor
    • An issue that caused the welcome e-mail to be sent to a new Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) when adding the MBC failed due to an error has been fixed. Only MBCs that are successfully added with receive the welcome e-mail.

New Features

  • Council User Report
    • E-mail addresses have been added to the Council Admin’s Council Users Reports.
  • Den Leader Experience
    • The Beta label has been removed from the Den Leader Experience login button.
  • Print Blue Cards for Merit Badge Counselors
    • Merit Badge Counselors can print Blue Cards for any Scout and Merit Badge they are counseling
    • A Print Blue Cards link has been added to the My Merit Badge Counseling section
  • RSVP Report of the My Dashboard page.
    • A new RSVP report has been added to the Edit Event calendar page. Anyone who can edit a calendar event can run the RSVP report for that event.