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June 3, 2020 Scoutbook Updates

Bug Fixes

  • Audit Log Report
    • An issue where Scouts outside of a unit would show on a unit report has been fixed
  • Calendar Reminders
    • An issue that caused calendar reminders created by the Den Leader Experience to be sent multiple time has been fixed.
  • Cub Scout Rank Quick Entry
    • An issue that prevented Cub Scouts from appearing in the Cub Scout Rank Quick Entry has been fixed.
  • Export/Backup
    • The Export/Backup link for the Internet Advancement Activity Logs has been disabled until this function can be properly implemented. Currently Internet Advancement does not have the ability to export logs.
  • Merit Badge Counselor
    • An issue that prevented a Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) from modifying a Merit Badge that was previously MBC approved has been fixed. MBCs can change or remove the completion date on a Merit Badge they counsel until the badge is Leader Approved. The underlying requirements can be modified (added, changed or deleted) by the MBC at any time.
  • Merit Badge Counselor Upload
    • An issue that caused e-mails to be sent to existing Merit Badge Counselors (MBC) each time a Council uploaded its MBC list, even when no changes were made, has been fixed.
    • An issue that caused a Merit Badge Counselor’s (MBC) Listing Preference to be reset to Council each time a new list was uploaded has been fixed. Existing MBCs will not have the Listing Preference changed on subsequent list uploads.
  • Order of the Arrow (OA) Eligibility Report
    • An issue in the OA Eligibility Report that caused the rank date to be filled in when the Scout had not yet earned the Scout rank has been fixed.

New Features

  • Adult Connection Cleaner
    • Note: the issue that caused this feature to be quickly hidden last week has been fixed. A feature to remove old connections from an adult account has been added. On the user’s My Connection page is a Clean Old Connection button. This button will remove connections to Scouts that are not members of a unit where the adult is a leader or their Scout is a member. Merit Badge Counselors (MBC) will additionally have a Clean Old MBC Connection button. This button will remove the Merit Badge connection from any Scout who has completed the Merit Badge and it is Counselor and Leader approved or the Merit Badge has been removed from the Scout’s advancement page.
  • Export Backup
    • The Export/Backup function for the legacy Camping, Hiking, Long Cruise and Service logs has been restored. This will allow units who are concerned that the logs may have been incorrectly migrated to the new logs to look for discrepancies.
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