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"Just Connected to ... account on Scoutbook bug if female scout

I just got a notice that a female scout (that her parent gave her access to) connected to her account. However, the title of the automated email was " just connected to his account on Scoutbook." The title should change to “her account” when scout is a female.

Also, the body of the email also uses “He” instead of “Her.”


Rather than make all docs/text follow the gender; why not make them all neutral (e.g. “just connected to Scoutbook account” or “just connected to their account of Scoutbook”. Instead of “He/Her” say “the Scout”.


I agree that would solve the problem and is much easier than having to add code to identify gender of the scout. Hopefully the developers will take this up and fix it.

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You are correct, and this is the right place to notify people when you find an error like this.

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Notified the devs about this correction.

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