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Every now and then we get a fun post here… I thought I’d add one that I hope puts a smile on your face… and yes, I am a Woodbadger…


A 3 beader was on his way to help staff a Woodbadge course. The location was way out in the country and he noticed he was low on gas. He saw a service station and pulled in and began to gas up. The wind blew his car door shut and it was locked. He asked the clerk for a hanger. After a bit the clerk went to check up on him and he found the 3 beader with the wire hanger through the top of the door trying to catch the door release. Inside the car was another 3 beader saying ‘a bit more to the left, a bit more to the right’….

Three Woodbadge staffers entered a barcheering ’51 days, 51 days’ and giving each other high fives.
One called out to the bartender, ‘we are celebrating 51 days, give us a round of beers’. The bartender watched as they celebrated their 51 days and ordered a few more rounds. Finally, the bartender asked them what the 51 days was all about. One of the staffers said, well, we got one of those jigsaw puzzles that said 2 to 4 years on the box and we were able to finish it in only 51 days….

Some Woodbadgers were putting plank siding on a cabin at the scout camp. The ranger noticed that they would use a few nails and then toss a couple away. Curious, he asked them why they were throwing away so many nails. They said, ‘we only throw away the ones with the head on the wrong end’. So the ranger told them, don’t throw those away, you can use them on the other side’.

Feel free to add a Scouting related joke of your own…


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