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Kayaking Patch

My daughter received the Kayaking Patch. The guidance is that it is not to be worn on the uniform but to be worn on the left leg of the swim trunk. How does this translate to females? I had seen that it can be worn on the back of the merit badge sash but not on any official website.

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good one for national - my son’s Snorkeling is in a drawer

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When I was in Girl Scouts, a million years ago, we put the polar bear swim patch on the left lower side of our swim suits, just above the leg. Might be a good location.

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Even for boys, swim suits don’t last long if used in pools. My thought is to sew them on a beach towel. If one was really into aquatics, you could have 3-5 of these in a couple of summers (kayaking, snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, mile swim, etc).

Another good one for national is why the “Stand Up Paddle Boarding” is 3" instead of 2". It seems like whom ever put the order in didn’t realize that it should be the same as the other aquatics awards.

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