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Key 3 delegate, but not authorized to upload file from TMWEB 2.0

I’m a Key-3 delegate, and downloaded the IA2.0 txt file from TMWEB 2.0. When I got into Internet Advancement 2.0 to upload the file, I got the error message:

Logged-in User does not have authority to upload advancement import file for this unit.


Are you associated with more than one unit, if so, have you selected the correct unit in the upper right?

Also, how long have you been a Key 3 Delegate? If you were just designated as one today, then you should be able to access tomorrow (there is a file that updates overnight).

For a few years now. I know that when we rechartered, my SM had to put me in again.
Our charter expires in December. When I looked at my my.scouting account, I’m listed as a Key-3 delegate.

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Only one unit. (Why do I have to reply with >= 20 characters?)

When I clicked on the icon, it showed my position as Key 3 Delegate.

The developers have been informed of the problem.

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It’s an old forum rule (like pre-Internet, Compuserve and dial-up BBS old) to prevent people from spamming message boards with useless comments like “FIRST!”

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This issue has been fixed. Key 3 Delegates can now upload files to Internet Advancement.

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Many thanks. Summer camp is next week, and I’ll need that for when we get back!