Key 3 Delegate can't see/approve adult hours or position

Adult leader puts in camping, hiking, service hours. They show up as completed and pending approval. ASM and Key 3 Delegate cannot see those anywhere or approve them, for any adults.

Adult leader multipled from boy troop to girl troop. Shows leader position and youth members to the leader but doesn’t show calendar, messages, etc. Girls’ scoutmaster can see leader with a yellow triangle but cannot see how to resolve the triangle or approve the position.


Post the BSA Member ID (no names) of the individual(s) with the :warning: and we will investigate. This is an indication the individual is not registered in the unit and could be a case of multiple IDs.

Multipled adult is 137042276

The user with this BSA member ID number is not registered in a G troop. She is registered in a B troop and in a pack.

I also do not see anyone with the Key 3 Delegate functional role at my.scouting for the B troop or the G troop.

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