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KEY service Hours

I just entered our third service project into the JTE online form and it is showing no points. All three projects have been recorded in scoutbook. None are for our charter partner. They were:
Cutting brush around the roads and corners at our scout camp
Conducting our annua l flag retirement for the AmBers (not our Charter partner)
Trash pickup surfing our weekend campout at a loca l state forest.
So if we do need one in order to get points for that requirement it will be very hard as they don’t have any pancake breakfasts or other projects that we could do. We have one more planned at the local Nature Center doing trail work.
So is this a glitch in the systen ,do I add the 3 or four project points in mannually?
Thanks for your help. Stay safe.

@JohnBurnham -could you provide some details on where you were entering this information? More specifically the URL involved.

I am not sure what online form you are referring to, but for JTE objective #8, the troop has to participate in a minimum of 3 service projects, with at least one service project benefitting the charter organization to reach the bronze level for that objective. The service hours also have to be entered on the JTE website (used to be servicehours.scouting.org but is now Internet Advancement 2.0).

I don’t know who your chartered organization partner is, but one idea might be to have the Scouts conduct a food drive for the upcoming holidays. Food drives can be contactless, and the food can be given to the chartered organization, if that supports their mission.

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