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Key Three

I have spent some time looking and have been unable to find anything in policy. Is there a policy that states the key three cannot be in the same household? It was written into our bylaws that the key three (listed as committee chair, secretary, and treasurer) cannot be the same household or the CM. I know some packs that do not follow this so I am wondering if it is just something that needs addressed in our bylaws. Please send actual policy if you know it so I have something to take forward to have the change made. Thank you.

You won’t find an actual BSA national policy saying that. I know many units that have spouses as CC and CM.

IMO, it gives too much power to one family, though.

The Unit Key3 in BSA are the Unit Leader, (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor, or Skipper) the Committee Chair, and the Chartering Organization Representative. I am not aware of any BSA rule about spouses, there may be a Chartering Organization, or Unit bylaw stipulation not allowing it. I also have heard of COs or Units not allowing spouses to be both Leaders of two deep leadership. Committee Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are all Committee Members with defined roles.

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The BSA defines unit Key 3 as:

  1. Chartered Org. Representative
  2. Unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, crew Advisor, ship Skipper) and
  3. Committee Chair

The functional roles of Secretary and Treasurer fall under the responsibilities of the unit committee. Some units have one person handle both functional roles (Secretary / Treasurer).

There is no BSA rule that says that Committee Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer cannot be from the same household, although your chartered organization or your unit might decide to make such a rule.

I know of no policy forbidding it, but I think its a really good recommendation nonetheless. A lot of bad unit choices seem to happen when one family has control.

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